Beginning of the Citrosuco Project – Digital Transformation Program.
Konitech announces new partnerships in Industry 4.0 with platform companies such as Tulip, Twinthread, Crosser and Industrial IOT Solutions.
Whirlpool Industry 4.0 case is presented in SAP Forum 2017.
ABINC (Associação Brasileira de Internet das Coisas, or Brazilian Associaton of IoT) is founded by Flávio Maeda, Konitech partner.
Konitech starts project in Vale for the Port of Tubarão, ES, Brazil.
Konitech starts international project in Monsanto (St. Louis – USA).
Konitech expands its performance in projects in the Oil & Gas sector in the USA.
Konitech starts its first international project in Mexico for Pemex Gás y Petroquimica and starts its first project in the USA as well.
The cases of Petrobras and Pemex are awarded at conferences in Brazil and in the USA.